The Third Rail

Saturday, April 20, 2002

The New Republic has an interesting piece about Cornel West's defection from Harvard to Princeton. I'm not familiar with West's work myself, but based on the information in various sources as I've followed this case, I think Harvard's intellectual standards just improved. Then again, they have much more to go when it comes to students.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Buzz Kill

I’m at Copper Canyon eating dinner after a day at work. This is less than one minute from home, so afterwards I’m driving home being relaxed when some pre-pubescent girl and her friends decide to run right out in front of my car.

Now I’m not doing anything wrong. Still sober, under the speed limit, and following the rules of the road. And this twelve year old decides to run in front of my car.


Anyway, I’m preparing for eventual columns and ruminations for the Third Rail. Nothing yet, but I want to get into the habit of posting regularly. These bloggers at Kausfiles and Instapundit are journalists, but the rest of us have real jobs that prevent us from posting anytime we like. My ideal is to be able to post on a regular basis – perhaps 2-3 times a week. No Mike Royko, but something to look forward to.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

I was originally going to call this the ALQAEDAWAR blog as it will no doubt dominate my posts for the forseeable future, and because I think it's a more accurate name than the War on Terrorism. However, as my friends can attest, I cannot keep my mouth shut about anything, so I opted for a title that encourages a broader range of topics.

I admit that although I've known of blogging for a while, I never saw a need before for my own personal one. I classified them as little more than an offshoot of those annoying vanity pages. Who actually cares what these people think, right? However, over the past few months I've become steadily convinced of their great utility value. When I was younger, I asorbed the pundit programs on CNN and other news networks with a passion. I was still at my politically innocent stage, and what Al Hunt or Robert Novak thought informed my own opinion. This was about 1989. Shortly after the 1992 election I came to the conclusion that their opinions were not any more important than mine. Their access to the corridors of power did not make their opinions seem anymore illuminating than my own, and therefore, why bother to keep up? I kep thinking why shouldn't I be up there except for the fact I did not have any credibility - precisley because I never had a news column or show of my own.

With the success of blogs like Instapundit and Kausfiles, I've realized that barrier has been crossed. Even though these gentlemen have considerable success in the journalistic field, I still did not feel their insights were anymore superior to my own (I admit a touch of arrogance), but while I could never be on TV to debate Pat Buchanan or Eleanor Clift, I could damn well sure have my own blog.

So welcome to the Third Rail. Maybe someday people might even read it.