The Third Rail

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Follow up on Pim Fortuyn. The popular media portrayed him as a dangerous right winger, but more people are now speaking out against it. Old links here, here, and here.

And by the way, the right wing won the Dutch election. Good for them.

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This reminds me of the time a friend of mine complained that the Chinese were aborting female fetuses so they could have a greater chance of having a son. She was quite upset about it. I asked her if she was against abortion, and she said no. I then asked her if the fetus is not a real person (and therefore can be aborted), then what was she upset about? If the fetus isn't a person, then it doesn't have a gender. I still have not heard any logical argument against this practice in China by people who support abortion on demand.

The standoff at the Church of the Nativity truly fascinated me. Watching the television I got the impression that the Israeli's were in the wrong. This article and this one let me know better.

This is fantastic. One note about the article - "Critics say the organization stigmatizes substance abusers." Uh, is that a problem? I think drug abusers stigmatize themselves just fine, what's wrong in simply acknowledging these people are parasites on society?

'Steve Trombley of Planned Parenthood Chicago Area said, "Offering them cash bribes is simply wrong. It does not foster the long-term sense of responsibility needed to lead to responsible family planning."'

Hmm, the fact they are drug addicts tells me that they already lack a long-term sense of responsibility. The problem with this fuzzy headed notion is that the only way people learn responsiblity is being forced to assume it. You can't plead with them to be responsible.Being responsible is an action, not a state. That's why 30 years of welfare destroyed urban America, and welfare reform moved people out of poverty. The state can do NOTHING to create a sense of responsibility in other people. What it can do is limit the detrimental effects on society by people who abuse it.

This is an entirely voluntary program with no form of state coercion at all. I think the people agreeing to be sterilized should be congratulated for doing at least one responsible thing in their entire life. If they want to destroy themselves, let them, but don't try to destigmatize them or waste my tax money in giving them free needles to empower them in their destructive habits.

I can't make ludicrous shit like this up. I'M JUST NOT THAT GOOD.

This is almost laughable, but the real question is why aren't we moving towards an energy economy that requires arab oil? for some time now i've been thinking of printing up signs that say "osama bin laden thanks you for buying arab oil" and putting them on SUVs in the parking lot.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

A ha! Finally managed to add one link! Expect more soon.

Haven't posted in a while, so I apologize for anyone actually checking. I have a baclog of posts to edit. Unfortunately many of them are now hopelessly dated by the week delay. Expect something soon as I decide what to drop and what to post.