The Third Rail

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

A Fifth Column? The phrase "fifth column" dates from the Spanish Civil War when a Falangist general was interviewed about the capture of an important city in Spain. He had four columns under his command, but attributed his victory to a "fifth column," the fascist symathizers within the city. Thankfully, the vast majority of Muslims and Arabs in America and within our allies are loyal and equally committed to avenging September 11, but we would be foolish not to recognize the real threats within those groups. For evidence check out Canada, Belgium, and Holland.

War Update. Regular readers of the Third Rail know that I'm highly critical of what I think of the half-assed war effort. The troubles of the FBI and CIA only heighten my desire for massive reform in the war effort. Still, be comforted by these facts:

The latest news from the terror front is hardly all grim. On paper, the overall tally against the Taliban and Al Qaeda is impressive. According to terrorism expert Rohan Gunaratna, 16 of Al Qaeda’s top 25 leaders have been killed or captured, while the Taliban has lost 21 out of 27. Francis Taylor, the State Department’s counterterrorism chief, says that some 1,600 suspects have been arrested in 95 nations worldwide (about half have been released, but many are still under surveillance). Al Qaeda’s financial networks are also badly disrupted.

"What is coming to the Americans will not, by the will of God, be less than what has come. So beware, America. Get ready. Get prepared. Put on the safety belt." This of course is the latest threat against us from Al Qaeda.

What the hell does that mean? "Put on the safety belt?" Oooh, I'm quaking in fear. It sounds like my mother reprimanding me when I was 16 going out to visit friends.

I'm beginning to think these guys learned their english lessons through Ed Wood movies. I'm half expecting Bela Lugosi to jump out and yell, "Pull the strings! Pull the strings!" Who threatens people with the words, "Get ready. Get prepared." Gee, thanks guys. Glad to know you cared. I don't think this is the type of language Harry Truman used when he passed messages to the Imperial Japanese government in August 1945 that they better surrender.

"You fiends! We will avenge December 7th, but first please remember to always use your turning signals, and look both ways before crossing the road."

What may be really behind it?

What the? I'm really beginning to wonder about the European Union.

$2,475,960.00 That's how much I'm worth. Personally, I think that is a rather low number, but if anyone thinks they can take me, go on. Thanks to Jess for this tidbit.