The Third Rail

Friday, June 21, 2002

This is getting annoying. Lately I've been receiving these notices that "someone has a crush on you," courtesy of the gits here. Maybe it's the same person or maybe there are multiple people out there, it's really irrelevant. I'm not here to play some third grade game passing notes to each other during Ms. Bangert's class. So please stop pestering me, or send me a real email.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Just picked up Lone Wolf & Cub # 21. The series is nearing its conclusion, and I'm so glad Dark Horse packaged it as a series of paperbacks than monthly issues. I don't know if I could tolerate the pacing over ten years. Ogami Itto continues his quest for revenge, and I enjoyed the vignettes of him seeing old family retainers for the first time in years, as well as the foiled plots of Abe Tanoshi, and the final moves of Retsudo Yagyo. Those who haven't followed this manga have missed out on a lot.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Score another one for the good guys. It's only time before we get them all.

I don't know why half the blogosphere obsesses over this guy. James Lileks is perhaps the most admired writer weblogging today. Go to almost any major weblog and not only is his site there, but each day people gush over his permalink. I liek the guy too, but I find it weird. However, he tops himself today. And I don't say that for the reason you think. It has nothing to do with politics. It's that he uses the term Uke. For those of you who don't know the Chorney twins (and be glad you don't), it means Ukrainian. Ahh, old memories.

Someone with a clue. I'm constantly amazed at how good the business managers at Southwest are. It is the only airline to consistently make a profit the last dozen years or so. If someone takes up two seats, then charge them for two seats. Of course, some people don't see it this way.

She blames the airlines for making seats too small to accommodate larger Americans.
"The fact is that Americans are getting larger," she said. "This is what the population looks like, and an airline has an obligation to make its seat fit the population."

Or maybe fat people should learn that ordering a diet coke doesn't change the calories of the five double cheeseburgers they just scarfed down.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

I don't like President Bush, but I'll give the man credit for what he does right. I also hammer him for his many failings. During great national crises in the past, we had decisive leaders. No matter how dark the early days were after Pearl Harbor, people trusted FDR and knew he had a plan. FDR also articulated our war aims and strategy well and kept morale high on the homefront, even as his body slowly withered and died. I have no such faith in our current chief executive. Machiavelli said that a prince who is not wise cannot be wisely counseled, and I do not have the reassurance the man will not screw up badly. I think many others do as well despite the high poll numbers.

We need bold and decisive leadership on issues other than to deny Enron has anything to do with the White House. Business scandal after scandal erupts, and our nation's leaders (business, political, or otherwise) are silent. They offer no solutions or even acknowledge the problem is something we can affect. Academia has been discredited, our businessmen proven corrupt, and our politicians are timid. America has many strengths, and one of them is that we only need a new crop of leaders to brush aside the failures and mediocrities of today. The fundamentals of this nation are strong: a free market, direct elections, prosperity, and education. However, we need leaders that understand they need to be upheld, not exploited, otherwise they will slowly erode.

More war news. The scumbucket Syrians are helping out, but mainly because we got a gun pointed to their head. We're playing a delicate game here as we truly need the intelligence services of countries like Syria and Egypt. Better to play them off each other and learn what we can than do something rash. Frustrating, but I'll talk about that soon.

American capaitalism has taken many deserved lumps recently. Why was this man even allowed to last as long as he did? Billions of economic wealth has been destroyed, and it is obvious that the board of directors of most American corporations are failing in their duties. The rot is extensive, but the idiots in Congress cannot think of anything to do. Assuming politicians are always like this, it is easy to understand why the entire nation loved FDR so much - in a time of crisis he was a true leader. Instead, we are left to ordinary people to police the powerful (but is there ever any other solution?) I'm not sure if this would work, but it's something.

Via Instapundit. Next time let the Israelis kick their asses. Tthe petty dictators and tyrants of the Middle East will never change their ways as long as OTHERS suffer. Instead, we hold them accountable. If the Israelis made it known that would kill President Assad of Syria if Hizbollah strikes, or Arafat if there is another bombing, chances are they will stop soon. And if they don't target the next bastard. Arafat was more than willing to sell out his underlings before. The man is a coward, and best to expose him as one. Likewise Al-Qaeda couldn't care less if millions of their coreligionists die in a nuclear holocaust in Pakistan. Instead, they, their collaborators and sympathizers must be directly targeted.

Monday, June 17, 2002

Not too long ago my good friend Mo turned me on to a free app called PopUpKiller (affectionately known as Puk) which eliminates those annoying commercial pop ups that occur on certain corporate websites. Now I can gleefully enjoy the little explosion sound effects as the pop up windows are eliminated without effort on my part. It brightens my day. It can for you too!